Note: This is a condensed version of the pictures I took with some added narrative. The rest of the pics can be viewed in the album Trip 2013 - Itacare to Jericoacoara. Each picture can be clicked to see a larger version and comment / like.


Continuing my explorations of northern Brazil with Kelsie we travel from Itacare on bus then boat to the busy tourist destination of Morro do Sao Paulo.


We spent just two days exploring the town. Nice though not the snorkelling paradise we were hoping for, apparently its not really the time of the year for crystal clear waters.



Morro was nice though it definitely existed to cater to tourists, a Benidorm of Brazil so we were happy when we arrived at our next destination, Boipeba, the quieter younger brother of Morro.



We really enjoyed our two nights there and wished we had spent longer. The hostel we stayed at “Abaquar” was really nice and the owners Fernanda and Peter made us feel so relaxed and at home inviting us out to join them for dinner on both nights.



We spent the first day chilling, practising our newly discovered favourite Brazilian sport “Frescobol”



The following day we took a boat tour around the island hoping for some promised clear water for snorkelling


Sadly the water was cloudy yet again and not really suited to underwater exploration, still we had fun whizzing around on the speed boat. Not sure if this little chap did tho:


That evening we headed down to the beach to watch the sunset and have a beer


While we were sat there a group of local lads managed to get hold of a buoy from somewhere and turned it into a trampoleen which they then used to catapult themselves into the sea


It looked like so much fun I thought I would have to have a go


Sadly we had to leave the happy island and carry on our journey north up to our Christmas destination many miles north. To break up the ridiculous number of bus-hours we stopped at a couple of cities along the way. The first being the forgettable city of Maceio



And Natal



Neither city was particularly impressive really, though it probably wasnt helped by the fact we didnt do a whole lot in either city other than walk around. Also it was raining in Natal “The city with 300 days of sun” which didnt help matters!

Fortunately our few days of gloom were instantly forgotten as soon as we reached Jericoacoara on Christmas eve eve.




Jericoacoara is a little hard to get to considering there are no paved roads in and you have to swap from your bus into a rickety open-sided wooden lorry that travels at 2mph along a sandy path for miles to get there. Though its totally worth all the effort. Once we arrived we instantly fell in love with its laid back yet up-market-ish surfer vibe.


We immediately decided to extend our original 4 days there to 6 days, for the first day (xmas eve) I decided I wanted to have another go at kite surfing


Well I had the perfect place for it, Jeri is a wind-sports meca. The wind was so much stronger than I had been used to in Peru or Ecuador I had trouble at first and face planted, loosing my board several times. Before long though I was up and running.


Our love of Jeri was certainty helped along thanks to our choice of accommodation. We decided to splurge a little for Christmas and go for something a little more expensive than we had been staying at up till this point.




As for Christmas day, this was the first Christmas I had ever spent away from England and was in two minds about it. I really enjoy all my family Christmas traditions and so was kind of sad not to be doing them this year, still Kelsie did her best to make it as much like normal as she could

Lunch, instead of a christmas roast was a beautiful Lasagna and salad with copious quantities of Chaiparinia at a resturant called Bistrogonoff



Although not a roast it still had the required property of forcing me into a post-christmas-lunch-nap. We woke up just about in time to make the beautiful sunset on the huge sand dune at the end of the beach..




.. now that I dont get to do in England! The rest of the evening is a bit of a blur thanks to Kelsie’s gift of Cheese, Crackers and Port a must have to complete my Christmas day!


The rest of my time in Jeri was filled with various other awesome activities. Seeings as how I have now mastered Kite Surfing to an alsmot professional level I thought I would have a go at Wind Surfing and see if that was just as easy



Yup! Piece of cake. For the final day in Jeri we took a tour around some of the sights just outside of town including some interesting rock formations



And Lagoa Azul (blue lagoon)


We travelled to these destinations in style (and at breakneck pace) in our sand-limo:


Sadly we had to leave Jeri on the 29th though not was all doom and gloom however as next up with Rio de Janeriro again and the epic party waiting for us on Copacabana on NYE!