So I have written about Mr Joa ‘The Flash God’ Ebert before. He is well known throughout the Flash community for his incredible coding skills, particularly his work on low-level SWF optimisation.

His latest project is called JITB and its nothing short of stunning as this video taken from his blog shows:

Basically he has gone and written a Flash Player in Java. What this means is that you get all those awesome speed benefits and optimisations that the Java team has worked hard for years and years to implement but you can write it all in a language already familiar and sexy, AS3! The result? You get about a 30x speedup! (disclaimer: a micro-benchmark taken from Joa’s blog)

This is all great news and very exciting. I cant wait to see a custom browser plugin using this flash player, or even having Pixel Bender shaders running on the hardware me drools in anticipation.