Well we have already started development on what will be the next game. Oliver and I have decided to give one of my old titles Blast Wave a bit of a spruce up. We felt that the game had a good solid style with unique elements, the only thing that let it down was its poor graphics / user interface. So as this time around I have an excellent artist we think it can be given the breath of life it deserves.

We started by looking at various parts of the game and what we think let the game down…

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Go To Definition
I love the Ctrl & click feature in Eclipse/Netbeans and the Go To Definition feature in Visual Studio and have decided to implement them in Flash develop. After an evening or so of trying to write this myself I come accross the “ASComplete.DeclarationLookup()” method. To my great astonishment, this does exactly what I want. So thankyou to Philippe or whoever wrote this method and did all the hardwork of the plugin for me ;)

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Well here it is at last! Finally after almost a month of wheeling and dealing we have at last released Monkey Mines to the world at large.

What is it? Well its a remake of the classic Minesweeper game, but with a few changes. Rather than being top-down we have done it in an isometric fashion. Im not sure how successful this has been as some have reported that it makes the game harder to play being isometric.

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