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Well its now a couple of weeks into using my shiney new MacBook Pro 15” and I have decided to do an early report on a few things I like / dont like about it. Its not an exhaustive list but just a small rant of my main pleasures / gripes. Continue reading

Every day I am seeing new game releases on the app store that have already seen a life in the flash game world. I dont know whether its the original developer that is making these iPhone ports or if the IP is being ripped off. Anyways I thought it may be a good idea to report on a few of these games ports, things I like / dislike with any changes made in the transition from flash to iPhone.
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Since GameJacket went under I have been looking for the next thing. I had a few offers but the one I went for in the end was the MMOLife studio based in Manchester. Ill be working with some of the people from GameJacket which is good as I know we work well together and I am familiar with the processes. I cant say exactly what I will be working on just that its flash based and ties in with what I have been doing in my previous roles at GameJacket and Dubit and in my own personal projects. Continue reading

I received a very pleasant email yesterday from a fine chap Michael Lindholm. He was enquiring about my old project LieroXNA and whether I was still working on it. As it sound like some people are still interested in the project Ill copy / pase the email for the record here:
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