Well its been a fun Christmas, I have eaten and drunk to the point that im going to be running it off in the gym till next christmas.

Although there has been merryment abound, the keyboard couldn’t keep me away. Its probably okay to say this now as im not under any secrecy act; I have decided to leave Massively Multimedia in Manchester to join a new startup called Ideas Pad in Wilmslow (just south of Manchester).

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Well im back from Germany and after a horrendous journey involving stolen passports, lost luggage, cancelled flights, 11 hour waits in airports and 9 hour bus journeys I needed something to cheer me up. This fit the bill nicely:
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For the past several months I have been working on a little project completely different to anything I have done before. Its a desktop application that uses a number of novel technologies to do something I think is pretty cool. Ill talk more about what it actually is and does in the coming weeks, but for this post I just want to talk about the struggles and discoveries I have been through and made with the technology.
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FINALLY ITS LIVE!!!! Oh my, it has taken literally months and months to get all the deals sorted but finally now its done and out.

Its Oliver and my latest game. It was supposed to be a quick re-skin of BlastWave, but as usual “quick” was a word that got lost during development as we got excited about it and decided to add more and more features.

The Art by Oliver Pitceathly follows a simmilar style to MonkeyMines. Hope you like it!

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