I just realised that I still hadn’t posted anything about the Haxe conference, WWX 2012, I attended at in February of this year, how lax of me! Well actually I was waiting for the videos to be released so I could give a link to the lightning talk I gave on my WebGL experiments from last year. (Un)fortunately however, the lightning talks weren’t recorded so you cant see my nervously mumble through my presentation.
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Well its been a couple of weeks since we launched on iOS and a few weeks since Android, so I have decided to write one more post on the Mr Nibbles project. A post mortem into what went right, what went not so right which should hopefully serve to solidify my learning from the process and perhaps help others who should embark on something similar.
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Mr Nibbles

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Mr Nibbles was a Web, iOS and Android game I wrote in my evenings and weekends with a Playdemic colleague. We set ourselves a goal of finishing it in 3 weeks, it actually took 5 but I was very proud of the result.

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