This will be the last update for a while as I am heading up north WA for 3 weeks from tomorrow but before I went I wanted to get the game running on my iphone so I could test it while I was away. After a few accelerometer tweaks im glad to say that the game works just fine on Android and iOS:
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While experimenting around with rotating in more than just one axis I ran into an issue. When rotating you can obscure the camera with the level. It would be possible to construct levels such that they can’t be rotate into a position that anything would be obscured but it would severely restrict the number and type of levels I could build.
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As this is a level based puzzle game one of the big requirements for the project will be the ability to quickly build and test levels. In the original Mr Nibbles the levels were all 2D generated from a bitmap image where each pixel represents a single tile in the world. So for example here is level 4:
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