Been a long time since I have updated this little project of mine. Yep, just checked, its been almost a year since.

Oddly enough this is one of my projects I actually use on a daily basis at home and work. Im not sure why I haven’t updated it since as there have been some rather gaping bugs in it which have been very annoying but apparently not annoying enough to encourage myself to fix them or to stop using it.

Anyways, I have finally decided to fix some of the most anoying issues namely:

  • It no longer crashes when the network is lost
  • It now correctly reports the amount of physical memory used
    Theres no auto-updating feature built into the tool so if you are looking for the upgrade head over to the google code page to grab it:

Wow! Just noticed that over 2000 people have downloaded the first version, didn’t think it was that popular!

Oh yes, I have also uploaded the latest source for this version: