Well i got asked a question in a comment on how the terrains work in the LieroXNA project so I thought i would do a quick post on this rather than reply in the comments.

The way the terrains work has changed a few times over the course of development of the project for various reasons mostly related to the incompatabilities of the 360 and my previous methods. I wont go into those previous methods here but if anyone reading this has any questions dont hesitate to ask in a comment or email me. I would also like to say this may not be the most efficient method as I was only getting the terrains up as a proof of concept first then was planning on refining later.

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I have been working hard on LieroXNA this weekend and have managed to get quite abit of what I wanted done.

Firstly I worked on setting up a framework for weapons that allows them to be described by an external xml. This should reduce the effort involved in creating new weapons in the future. Taking a quick look at the XML that describes the rocket weapon you can see its straight forward but also pretty powerful:
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Well I have been at it again, tweaking and altering the particles in LieroXNA. You can see a video of my results below.

  • Particles now represent the pixel they exploded from. i.e. if the terrain was green the particle is green, if it was blue the particle is blue etc.
  • Particles are now more white (hot) depending on how fast and how old they are.
  • Particles now explode in a circular direction and less randomly (looks more like an explosion).
  • Particles now have a direction from which they are exploded, at the moment is just current mouse position - last mouse position but in the future this will be used to blow particles away from a high energy collision.
  • Particles now react to the player. I realised that instead of just passing in the terrain texture to the particle update routine i could pass the entire back buffer allowing the player and any other objects in the scene to have particle reactions, yey!
  • Particles now have a bit of alpha blending to make them look a little less in focus, not sure if this works well, let me know :)

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Well I took Liero into work today just to show to a few people who were interested and to test it on another machine other than my own. And low and behold it didnt work on my work machine which was no surprise as it doesnt have a graphics card so it fell down at the first hurdle. I then went to test it on an artists ATi based machine expecting it to work. It did but sadly there were no particles.
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