As mentioned in my previous post I have been working on a multiplayer game built in Unity for a little while now. I ummed and ahhed over the technology choice for the backend for a little while before deciding to go with‘s library. The reason being that it looked simple to implement (they have a Unity SDK), they take care of all the backend headaches for me and the pricing model looked fair.

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Go To Definition
I love the Ctrl & click feature in Eclipse/Netbeans and the Go To Definition feature in Visual Studio and have decided to implement them in Flash develop. After an evening or so of trying to write this myself I come accross the “ASComplete.DeclarationLookup()” method. To my great astonishment, this does exactly what I want. So thankyou to Philippe or whoever wrote this method and did all the hardwork of the plugin for me ;)

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Recently I have been working on some small tools for the lads at work to aid them in designing mobile phone games.

One project I have been working on for a while (in my spare time at work and in the evenings at home) is a new version of PlaceEd. PlaceEd is a small app used by people at work who need to design levels with objects and paths in them.

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Well i was just thinking in work today that it may be possible to detect the bounds of the the particle "clusters" and then line drawing the boundry and then you wouldnt notice the compression that the particles tend to suffer from.
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