Every day I am seeing new game releases on the app store that have already seen a life in the flash game world. I dont know whether its the original developer that is making these iPhone ports or if the IP is being ripped off. Anyways I thought it may be a good idea to report on a few of these games ports, things I like / dislike with any changes made in the transition from flash to iPhone.
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Stumbled across this game this morning and was blown away by the beauty and complexity of the game, I dont want to think about the amount of code that must of gone into making this beast!
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After another evenings worth of work I have come up with this little thing.

Its mainly a test to see how the new GameJacket tech fares when floated on the open sea that is the flash games industry.
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This is an old piece of flash from an age ago. Its kinda a 2-parter, the first part is a sig i made for the forums over at my clans website. The second part is a tutorial i did shortly after making the sig. I got a couple of requests of how i made such a thing so i decided to write a very basic flash tutorial. Remember this is quite old so the flash version is a little out of date.

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This little flash movie was created for my old everquest guild when i left the game. Its more of a montage of my time in everquest and is presented as a kinda slideshow. I played the game for 3 years and i still have many fond memories of my time in the game.
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