Well as announced in my last post im going to be spending most of this year travelling around various parts of the world. I’m leaving on the 7th on May so I have about a month left before I go so I have been thinking on what small project I can do in the meantime to keep me out of mischief.
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Mr Nibbles

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Mr Nibbles was a Web, iOS and Android game I wrote in my evenings and weekends with a Playdemic colleague. We set ourselves a goal of finishing it in 3 weeks, it actually took 5 but I was very proud of the result.

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As usual you can have a play with the game in its current form above. (Up to jump, left and right to control the player).

The first new thing to notice are there are now menus, yey! Incredibly poor, made by a toddler, looking menus, but menus nonetheless. My artist and collaborator on this project, Moh, has been away for the last week so the game has had to suffer at the hands of my terrible programmer art. Now that he is back however, he will be whipping the visuals into shape. Continue reading

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