Just a quick post. I have swapped over my commenting system from IntenseDebate over to Disqus. I really didnt like some things IntenseDebate did. It also seemed to get alot more spam which I had to manually approve / disapprove all the time.
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Starting Afresh

in Websites

The last few weeks my site had been playing up. I have been getting alot of spam comments and other issues. For that reason I have wiped my entire blog and started again using a fresh install and backed up data.
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A while back I changed my hosting over from the worse than dismal streamline.net over to the much better slicehost service. Slicehost offer alot more power by giving your own server with root access. All well and good if you are knowing what you are doing in Linux, i dont, so I struggled for some time getting Apache and php and all the rest running nice.
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