Ever since I was little I have always found it easier to sleep if I have some sort of background noise. For me it quietens the mind, allowing me to concentrate on the familiar sounds instead of those thoughts that seem to always come out right when you want to relax. I like listening to audio books that I have listened to 1000 times before. My brain knows whats coming up in the story but still concentrating on it allows my sub-conscious to quieten and calm down. Its very much like a breathing meditation for me.
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After the relaxing couple of weeks in Broome we were back on the road again. The original plan was to head along the Gibbs River road a 660 km long dirt road that has a number of beautiful stops at gorges along the way. We had done it once before in 2014 and enjoyed it so much that we wanted to do it again. This year however was one of the wettest wet season on record, the result is that the road has been closed much longer than usual and many of the gorges have been closed.
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