Well as announced in my last post im going to be spending most of this year travelling around various parts of the world. I’m leaving on the 7th on May so I have about a month left before I go so I have been thinking on what small project I can do in the meantime to keep me out of mischief.
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With the beta for Inputtie drawing very near Oli and I are adding some final touches to the build and doing those “things we meant to do for ages”. One of those things being the app icon. This is the icon you will see on your shortcuts and in your taskbar area so its going to be pretty visible.
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For the last year or so my major personal-project has been under wraps but after a few intense weeks its finally time to talk about it!

First before I explain exactly what Inputtie is I will talk about why I started this project and the problem I was trying to solve.

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Thought I would share this little ditty. Been working in AIR recently and decided to make the window “chromeless” which means there are no controls so no resizing.

Thankfully however adobe provide the tools to allow for resizing the native window. So I produced this little mxml component to let you resize the window:
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