Just a quick one and some good news on the nibbles front since the horror story that was my Google Play debacle.

My PC publisher for Mr Nibbles Forever and good friends over at Black Shell Media have very kindly decided to publish the Android version of Mr Nibbles Forever to the store. This is great news as the game I spent so long developing, working on and promoting is once again available for others to enjoy.
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Well its been a couple of weeks since we launched on iOS and a few weeks since Android, so I have decided to write one more post on the Mr Nibbles project. A post mortem into what went right, what went not so right which should hopefully serve to solidify my learning from the process and perhaps help others who should embark on something similar.
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Wow! This is pretty mental. I know a while back someone had managed to get a Linux kernel running on the iPhone, but there wasnt much to see and I soon forgot about it. It appears now however that PlanetBeing from the Dev-Team has managed to take an Android build and get it to run on the iPhone! Check out the video of it below: Continue reading

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