Following on today’s handy tips that I have commonly had to employ when dealing with fresh PC installs, I present PyDropboxPath.

As Dropbox doesnt let you rename the root folder your files are stored in on windows (Defaulted to “My Dropbox”) there are occasions when you want to choose a different name. In particular when you are running Bootcamp on a Macbook Pro with a drive shared between Windows and OSX.

Luckily some clever Python developer on the Dropbox Forums came up with a little tool that lets you rename said folder.

Again im just copy / pasting the install instructions directly from the forum (replacing the download link for the file):

Dowload: PyDropboxPath_082

Tested on Ubuntu Jaunty, Windows XP Pro and Windows7 x64 RC. Others tested on OSX and told me it was OK too :)

Feedback welcome.

IF IN DOUBT, DO NOT USE and ask here first.

If it breaks up somewhere, please post here.

The old terminal 0.7.1 version is in a subdirectory, only use it if you do not have wxpython and your system paths have no non-ascii characters.

The windows (EXE) terminal version needs msvcr71.dll, and the EXE GUI version needs msvcp71.dll - It’s on the download list if you don’t have it.
If the GUI version generates a error log file telling
_EOFError: EOF when reading a line_
then you probably are missing the msvcp71.dll.

WARNING: If you change the dropbox folder name to a root of a drive (Like, from “C:My Dropbox” to “D:”) or you will miss key features like sync icon overlays and right-click context menu items - good ones like “share this folder” and “copy public link”. If you are okay with this, everything else works fine.

Note: I initially named the script ‘DropboxPath’ but there is one .NET app that does the same thing in the wiki with that name. From now on, the name is ‘pyDropboxPath’.

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