Campin Oz 2017 - Kalbarri
01 April, 2017 in Above Under

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After the short one day stop in Lancelin we made our way north for 5 hours to the small sea side town of Kalbarri.

We were there for about 3 days which gave us just about enough time to see some of the highlights of the place including some of the incredible rock formations near the shore.

AU0010 - Kalbarri Coast

We were particularly fascinated by the pink salt lakes found just south of Kalbarri. The bacteria in the lakes makes them pink which is really impressive when contrasted against the white sandy rocks around.

AU0010 - Kalbarri Coast

AU0012 - Salt Lake Notch (Vertical)

On the final morning before we left I got up early to watch the sunrise and try to get some morning drone shots of the rocks in the Kalbarri bay. Unfortunately most of the shots came out blurry, not sure why.

I still managed to salvage one or two however:

AU0009 - Kalbarri Rocks

Onwards! Next stop Shark Bay :)