Okay so i have finally decided to upload this. I had intended to do some more work on it and get it into a more presentable state. However as time goes on and I still havent found time to do any more on it I have just decided to upload it now.

ChainReaction was my large (60 credits) project for my final year of university. It is basically a tool for creating 2D particle effects in an easy and fun way. There are two parts to it. Firstly the main tool:

The tool lets an artist or designer visually lay out their effect in an easy to use and understand manner. Once an effect has been created it can be exported out to either the XNA SDK or the Flash SDK for a programmer to use in thier own projects:

I have produced video tutorials explaining how to use these in conjunction with each other. However you must understand this is mainly an academic project and I had realy intended to clean this up before I released it.

There is also a GIF animation export option that I added late in the project and as such is a little slow and buggy :P

The source code is included within the project. Feel free to use it for anything non-commercial. If you wish to use it for commercial purposes I would like to be contacted for permission first: mike.cann@gmail.com

Download: ChainReaction-Final.zip (161mb)