Ronnie O’Sulivans Snooker is a game that i worked on at rockpool games. It was infact one of my very first games at Rockpool and subsequently one of my very first Java games. I started off only doing the menu system for the game, but in the end i worked on virtually every part of the game including the 3D graphics engine which was written from scratch with no built in 3D API’s to assist with rendering.
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I made this one last night while i was messing around. Its a duel-screen piece and took me about 2 hours to complete. I think its need a little more work but it looks okay on my desktop at the moment ;) Continue reading

This little flash movie was created for my old everquest guild when i left the game. Its more of a montage of my time in everquest and is presented as a kinda slideshow. I played the game for 3 years and i still have many fond memories of my time in the game.
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