Well i got asked a question in a comment on how the terrains work in the LieroXNA project so I thought i would do a quick post on this rather than reply in the comments.

The way the terrains work has changed a few times over the course of development of the project for various reasons mostly related to the incompatabilities of the 360 and my previous methods. I wont go into those previous methods here but if anyone reading this has any questions dont hesitate to ask in a comment or email me. I would also like to say this may not be the most efficient method as I was only getting the terrains up as a proof of concept first then was planning on refining later.

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Just got a letter through the post confirming the date for my graduation from Uni.

Also at the same time I received a letter informing that I received an award for "Best Overall Performance on the Final Year of the Computer Games Programming Course" which is probably the longest name for an award in history but im still proud :D

Jump to part two after the 26th November to see photos of the ceremony!

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Well i bought my new shiny PC two weeks ago a nice quad core Q6000 machine with an nVidia 8800GTX. All was good and nice, progress on liero was flying along. The machine didnt even flinch at 1,000,000 particles, i conservatively estimate its capable of 5,000,000 at 30FPS.  But just the other day it broke down, no reason, no warning, the mobo just went put. It turns on, the lights come on but it doesnt do anything, doesnt even get to the bios screen, nothing.
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