Bike Be Gone :(

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Went downstairs to the first floor carpark this morning to grab my bike for my morning 15min cycle into work to find that all that remained was this:
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Been messing about with Sound Cloud recently, just seeing what all the audio related fuss is about and I must say its quite good. I have uploaded some of my mixes up there (not all of them as there is a size restriction on the number of uploads). I have also gone back and edited some of my old posts as the links to my old mixes no longer worked (thanks for Richard Davey for spotting that one.
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Thats it im angry enough with this site to actually write a blogpost about it.

Im sure if you are technical individual you have come accross this god awful site countless times. Over and over again you type in a query your problem into google, something like “php upload The connection was reset” a perfectly legitimate question and one that probably has been answered on a forum before. You then go through the google results and more often than not you come accross something like this:
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