Well its been a while since I have made a new mix, but I have been collecting tracks for it for a while. This one came together fairly quickly actually, about two days worth of composition and then a few variations until I was happy with it. I decided not to add any movie samples to this one to keep it nice and simple, got alot of other projects on at the moment! Im not even sure if people actually like those movie samples tho, let me know if you do! Continue reading

Wow! This is pretty mental. I know a while back someone had managed to get a Linux kernel running on the iPhone, but there wasnt much to see and I soon forgot about it. It appears now however that PlanetBeing from the Dev-Team has managed to take an Android build and get it to run on the iPhone! Check out the video of it below: Continue reading

Well as I have announced (rather pointlessly) every time I moved in the past, I thought I would continue the tradition by announcing that I have moved again. This time its back again to my old room in one of my previous flats, The Grand Mancehster.
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Twitter can be a funny beast, what makes it great can also make it poor. I use Twhirl which keeps me updated any time one of the people I follow tweets about something, the only problem is that so many people tweet that if I dont happen to see it within about and hour or so of the Tweet, ill miss it. This time however I was lucky enough to catch a tweet by @Joa about his new Inversion of Control and functional-programming-like library, Funk AS3.
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