Oliver and I have been working hard on the game and we are almost ready to rock.

We are wanting to go for a significantly more polished feel to this game and one of the factors that has been abit rough around the edges in the past has been the menu systems. As mentioned in a previous dev update were were looking to for something like Photon Storm’s Kyobi as a splash screen:


Also we have decided to jump on the micro-payments train and offer unlockable levels likely via the mochi-coins system:


For the price of about $1 you will get 20 more levels with new puzzle features. We are also considering implementing an achievements system with an in-game “best of the best” leader board, but we haven’t quite worked out where to put that yet ;)

Now the game is mostly feature complete its onto the slow laborious process of trying to find sponsors for the game.

Im off to France for 10 days tomorrow however so apart from a few emails, work will have to be suspended on this project for a little while. When I return I shall be starting at my new job (more on that when im back!)