Well this will learn me!

A while back, I had an idea for a very simple application that would sit in your taskbar and give you at-a-glance performance info about your system, similar to iStat Pro for OSX. This weekend I finally had time to clean up the code up for release.

The problem is that while looking for a couple of images for the app I happened to stumble across Taskbar Meters, which is pretty much the exact same idea I had. Looks like he has made a better job out of it that me too :P

Ah well, I have decided to release my version of the app nonetheless:

You can open the app multiple times and set each one to monitor a different value:

I have also decided to post the source up on google code: https://code.google.com/p/win7-taskbar-mon/

Anyways you can grab version 0.1 here: https://win7-taskbar-mon.googlecode.com/files/Windows7_Taskbar_Monitor_v0.1.zip