I have to be honest I haven’t been working as hard as I could have recently on the TD project. The reason for this is that I have been trying to decide whether to progress with it atall. I believe it is an awesome project and will be successful, however each time I complete something in the project it adds to the complexity never subtracting from the amount of work remaining.

I finally however decided that I would stick it out as my mantra goes "Your success is only measured by your accomplishments". If I constantly keep starting new projects then I will never accomplish anything and therefore never be successful.

I had a long chat with my new friend Ebor Jan Folkertsma about different technical challenges associated with developing a tool and a game engine in tandem. The chat was extremely useful in the fact that it allowed me to take a more objective view of the project and split it down into simple tasks rather than getting swamped by the enormity of the project. It also made me feel like I wasn’t sailing into uncharted waters, there were others out there that had run into similar problems and had come up with solutions to solve it. Basically Ebor gave me a big morale boost which encouraged me to stick with this project.

So onto the progress. Well as I said not a whole lot of visible progress has been made, I have mostly been re-organising the core of the project again to best suit my needs. I have however been adding more functionality allowing the user to place objects on the level in preparation for setting triggers and the like later down the road.

Next step in the project is picking so that the new objects on the map can be selected and have their properties modified and triggers added and the such :)