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CodeDrop came about mainly by accident. I wanted to see if i could create a 2D particle explosion effect. After i discovered how easy this was to do i decided to create a whole game around it!

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DarkPOOL was created as a project for one of my  first year university modules. It was created primarily as a test into the physics of pool. The game is in 3D however the main camera view is directly over the top of the table giving a 2D appearance.

NOTE: Unfortuanately i have lost the latest version of this game and hence it doesnt play as well as it should, the physics worked properly in the full version :) Download:

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SnakeZ was created as a project for one of my modules. We were asked to re-create an old game using the newly learnt DarkBASIC programming language. I decided to re-create the classic "Snake" game.NOTE : I seem to have misplaced the latest version of this game, and hence it is missing several features and sounds. If i find it i will put it up

DarkBASIC, PhotoShop 7
Download: (16.9Mb)

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