Day[9] - A Moving Story of a Pro-Gamer [Video]
22 November, 2010 in Fun & Videos

Day[9] is a Starcraft2 commentator and a professional gamer (among other things). I have been following him for sometime watching his 'casts' of games. He just posted this video on Youtube (although its an old episode), its an incredibly moving tale of his journey through gaming to becoming one of the top players in the world. More than that he relates it to how his family have supported him through his passion and giving him belief to do what he loves.

If you enjoy gaming or know someone that enjoys gaming I cant encourage you enough to watch this video. Its quite long but I strongly encourage you stick with it till the end!

If you liked Day[9]'s quirky style of humor of  or are interested in watching some more of his casts you should checkout either his Youtube channel or his BlipTV archive.