Mr Nibbles 3D Development 08 - New Models and Shaders
31 August, 2014 in Mr Nibbles 3D

Its been a little while since I have had any time to work on my new game Mr Nibbles 3D but i'm happy to be back developing again. I have conscripted a friend of mine to do the artwork for the game and he has been busy over the last few weeks coming up with some new models of the game.

Check the image above to see his render of Mr Nibbles with his corn 'nibbles' or checkout the video below where I show off some new things:

Note this is just a first pass of the models so the animation quality should improve a lot soon, also we are working on a roll animation for when Mr Nibbles moves fast.

The pipes are a first pass too but im hoping to emulate plastic hamster tubes such as:


I've still got quite a bit more work to do on the shaders but I think we are getting there, let me know what you think!