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New Mix: Coalescence


Wow! Well this one was a hell of alot easier to make than the last one.

Instead of trying to tell a story with film samples and a large overarching theme I have instead just let this one naturally progress and take its course. The consequence of this, I think anyway, the transitions are alot softer and more natural giving a good easy listen.

I have called this one "Coalescence" as it contains a rather different mixture of tracks that I have coalesced together. It still has that chilled-downtempo IDM-esq sound that I love so much at the moment with tracks by Jon Hopkins, Trifonic but I have also included some other tracks I have acquired on my eclectic audio adventures.

Anyways I hope you enjoy it, I think its probably my best mix since my Harmonics 1 and 2.

Coalescent by Artificial on Mixcloud