Over a year ago I decided to scratch an itch and see if I could get Richard Lord’s Ash framework to work in Unity. It actually turned out to be far easier than I had imagined. A few people contacted me as they wanted to use it for production games so I decided to do a little more work on it a few months later to fix some of the easily solved issues with my quick port.
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Twitter can be a funny beast, what makes it great can also make it poor. I use Twhirl which keeps me updated any time one of the people I follow tweets about something, the only problem is that so many people tweet that if I dont happen to see it within about and hour or so of the Tweet, ill miss it. This time however I was lucky enough to catch a tweet by @Joa about his new Inversion of Control and functional-programming-like library, Funk AS3.
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Thought id mention these videos as I have been watching them and really like the content. They are a series of video blog posts by one of the ‘celebrities’ of the Flash and Flex world, in which he talks about lots of stuff related to whats going on in the industry and the various frameworks he uses or recommends (or doesnt). He also has a few things to say about beer, which is a bonus!
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Well its been a fun Christmas, I have eaten and drunk to the point that im going to be running it off in the gym till next christmas.

Although there has been merryment abound, the keyboard couldn’t keep me away. Its probably okay to say this now as im not under any secrecy act; I have decided to leave Massively Multimedia in Manchester to join a new startup called Ideas Pad in Wilmslow (just south of Manchester).

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