A Game Developer Learns Machine Learning - Then talks about it
16 January, 2018 in Talks

To round off my current Machine Learning adventures I gave a talk at a local Machine Learning group.

Talking about learning

For a while now I have been attending the Perth Machine Learning Meetup Group (PMLG) and really enjoying the talks by the various incredibly talented data-science and machine learning experts that attend that group. So when they asked for more talks from community members it was with much hesitation that I put my hand up to talk about my minor fumblings in the world of machine learning in game development.

The talk basically went over my posts:

  1. A Game Developer Learns Machine Learning - Getting Started
  2. A Game Developer Learns Machine Learning - A Little Deeper
  3. A Game Developer Learns Machine Learning - Mr Nibbles Basics

The talk went well despite a few internet issues. Most people hadnt done any Unity development before so even thought the ML aspect was probably a little basic for them, at least they will have learnt a little bit about how Unity works :)

I got some great feedback at the end on how I could potentially improve the model's learning through different application of rewards, I took notes and will definately be applying those suggestions next time I do some work on the project.