Talks of 2018
02 December, 2018 in Talks

I totally forgot to post about the various talks I gave this year so I thought I would take a few minutes and post about them.

A Game Developer Learns Machine Learning

I gave a talk right a the start of this year at the Perth Machine Learning Meetup Group (PMLG) about my adventures in ML for Mr Nibbles Forever. It went really well and I got a bunch of helpful feedback from the others that know much much more about the topic than I.

I wrote about it in greater detail here:

Mikes Mirror

About 6 months later I gave another talk at PMLG, this time it was about my Smart Mirror project that I had worked on for a couple of weeks / months. It too went surprisingly well, I think even better than the previous talk.

I also wrote a separate blog post on the topic which goes into greater detail here:


I think next year ill give some more talks on various topics that I have been tinkering with. It forces you to dig that little bit deeper and develop a firmer understanding of the topic you are talking about.

Another reason why I think ill continue to give talks in 2019 is to improve my public speaking as it makes very nervous, the best way to remove those nerves is to desensitize myself by doing more of it.