WWX & Try Harder 2012
16 September, 2012 in Misc

I just realised that I still hadn't posted anything about the Haxe conference, WWX 2012, I attended at in February of this year, how lax of me! Well actually I was waiting for the videos to be released so I could give a link to the lightning talk I gave on my WebGL experiments from last year. (Un)fortunately however, the lightning talks weren't recorded so you cant see my nervously mumble through my presentation.

I can however link to the videos from all the other speakers that attended the event which were excellent BTW:


While im here I thought I would mentioned that Im going to be attending try { harder } next month for the second year in a row. As last year the idea is that everyone that attends gives a talk on a topic, it was a fascinating but brain-intensive 4 days last year, im definitely hoping for some more of the same this year!