Joshua Christopher Cann

04 June, 2020

Im proud to announce my latest project: Joshua Christopher Cann :) He was born yesterday at King Edwards hospital in Perth Western Australia…

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MobX State Tree Libraries

01 June, 2020

I have generally steered away from building open-source libraries mainly for selfish reasons (I didn't want to spend the time maintaining…

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The Cube

22 May, 2020

After months and months its finally done! My 6-sided 24,576 LED self-contained cube project is finally complete! Instead of writing a…

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A Personal Update

11 March, 2020

This blog has been going for a long time and in the early days it was a mixture of Personal updates and technical updates. Lately tho its…

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LED Matrix Toy

09 February, 2020

Ever since I built my own smart mirror back in 2018 I have been keen to do another hardware project... TLDR; This is what I ended up…

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My Fenders Typescript Talk

14 January, 2020

Back in August 2019 I have a talk at the local Front End Web Developers (Fenders) meetup group here in Perth. Its taken them a little while…

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Introducing - Howdy

30 December, 2019

A couple of months ago my Markd co-founder Brandon came up with an great idea for a new app, we mulled it over, ran a few experiments and…

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Energy Hack 2019

19 November, 2019

Just a quick post on my recent attendance of the one-day hackathon "Energy Hack". Energy Hack Its been a while since I have done a hackathon…

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Introducing BattleTabs

17 November, 2019

This one has been quite a while in the making but im proud to announce this innovative new game we have been working on. TLDR; History I…

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Introducing - Post To Google Photos

01 November, 2019

Lately we (Markd Ltd) have been working on a few different projects, today we are announcing another of those projects; Post To Google…

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Introducing - LinkedIn Notes

27 October, 2019

Lately we (Markd Ltd) have been working on a few different projects, today we are happy to announce one of those new projects, LinkedIn…

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The Case of the Lost iPhone

15 October, 2019

Todays post is a little different from my usual technical or business related posts, its a tale of search and discovery.. TLDR; I was…

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Chrome Extension Background Page & React Hooks useEffect Not Working

01 September, 2019

Its been a little while since I have done a pure tech focused blog post but I discovered an issue with React Hooks and Chrome Extensions for…

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Markd - Import From LinkedIn

26 August, 2019

Just a quick update today about a new feature for Markd: Import from LinkedIn What? I mentioned in my last post that we were working on…

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Markd - Import From Google Contacts

20 August, 2019

Its taken us a little while to get this right but we are proud to announce the latest feature for Markd: Import from Google Contacts. What…

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New Markd Feature - Notes

08 June, 2019

Thick and fast on the heels of our last new feature Custom Fields today we are happy to announce our latest feature: Notes. TLDR; Why…

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Markd - Custom Fields

30 May, 2019

Now we have our new designs in place for Markd things can start moving again on new features. This has been an oft-requested one, Custom…

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Markd V3

17 May, 2019

Wow its taken a little longer than we would have liked but finally we have finally released the completely redesigned and rewritten Markd…

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Migrating from Hexo to Gatsby

12 April, 2019

Its been almost 2 years since I had to change anything with my blog but unfortunately 2 years is a long time in web development, and my blog…

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What Have I Been Up To In Feb?

27 February, 2019

Its been an adventurous month of travel, activities and hard work on our exciting new venture Markd. Trip to Europe Late Jan and early Feb I…

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