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Chatter Craft - collaborative art with just your voice

2nd October 2023

I have got to be honest, I have never heard of Web Dev Cody before but when I saw that he had a hackathon in partnership with Convex I knew I was going to have to carve off a bit of time from BattleTabs development to have a crack.

Competition Categories & Ideation

The competition was themed around Collaboration and AI so I racked my brain for a bit before coming up with an idea.

I wont spend too many words explaining what I built, instead ill let the video that I used to demo the project do the talking:


Out of 53 submissions, I came third in the AI category which im pretty happy with considering I spent less than a day on it.

Watch Cody talk about my project here:


I had a ball working on this, its pretty astounding that you are able to build this much functionality in such as short time. I was able to implement and iterate as fast as I could go without any boiler-plate bogging me down.

Convex really is an incredible technology, if you are looking to do a web app you should definitely check it out!

If you are interested in playing with Chatter Craft yourself the demo is here:

If you want to peek under the covers a bit the source is available here: