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Bandai Namco Invests in Gangbusters

15th October 2022

Im super excited to announce that Gangbusters (the company that I am a co-founder and CTO of) has been joined on its journey by the gaming powerhouse Bandai Namco!

We are super excited by this as it not only allows us to grow our team and ambitions it also validates our strategy and enhances our brand by having the creator / publisher of such large IPs behind us:

Bandai are joining a number of other investors as part of our early-seed round to help us realize our Web3 ambitions and take BattleTabs to mobile.

Its been a long roller-coaster of a journey to reach this point but after 3 years of working in a very small team im really happy that we are finally able to grow a little bit and hire some more gang-members.

We still have a tough path ahead of us with some ambitious plans but I think we are starting to assemble a fantastic team that will allow us to get there. I personally cant wait to show our incredible community what we can do now!

If you are interested in partnering up or what we are working on, reach out to: or