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5 Games now on the Windows Store

29th December 2016
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Over the Christmas period Microsoft were running a promotion to developers; "Publish your apps to the Windows store before the 23rd of December and we will give you some Microsoft store credit". Well as I had already spent a whole bunch of time learning how to publish natives desktop apps to the Windows Store during the development of Glancer I thought sure, why not capitalize on that.

So as of last week the following games from my back catalog are available on the Windows Store:

Mr Nibbles

Mr Nibbles, the hamster, was a dreamer. One day while longingly looking out the window of his cage he had a dream. He dreamt of emancipating himself from his lifelong prison. He dreamt not just of escaping his cage but leaving the confines of earth itself to enter space! Mr Nibbles dreamt that he will be the first hamster ever to enter orbit.

Follow Mr Nibbles on his quest. Along the way you must help him solve devious puzzles and pass through dangerous spider infested traps.

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Blast wave - Lost at Sea

BlastWave: Lost At Sea is an isometric, challenging puzzle / action game.

Your task as a benevolent god is to guide the survivors of a shipwreck to the rescue zone.

Do so so you have the awesome power of nature on your side!

Using the mouse you suck and blast your way through 16 challenging levels.

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Icy Slicy

Several silly critters and thier things have gotten frozen in the ice and they need your help to cut them out.

Using your mouse slice off chunks of ice in this exciting physics based game!


  • Hold the left mouse, then move and release to make a slice

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Monkey Mines

This game is a remake of the classic Minesweeper but with a few twists. Firstly the board is isometic making for a trickier experience than the classic version. Secondly the game employs realistic liquid like ripples adding to the excitement.


  • Doubble click to uncover square
  • Single click to place flag
  • Click again to place qmark
  • Click again to remove qmark

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Mr Nibbles Forever

Everyone's favourite hamsternaut is back! Escape the cage, avoid spiders, collect nibbles and rocket to the moon!

Help Mr Nibbles break out of his cage-prison and roam across the dangerous spider-infested backyard landscape before hopping in his handy rocket ship and blasting into space. Each stage contains unique graphics, backgrounds and sounds.

Collect nibbles in game to spend on the mighty wheel in the hopes of winning spiffy new outfits. Each outfit lovingly handcrafted by our hamster tailors comes with unique sounds and effects. Who knew collecting could be so much fun!

Using just the incredible power of tilt and tap you must guide our furry hero on his epic quest to become the first hamster in space. Tap to jump, tilt to roll, collect nibbles, avoid spiders and complete the challenges. Controls so simple even a 3-year old can master them in seconds (trust me on this).

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