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A Personal Update

11th March 2020

This blog has been going for a long time and in the early days it was a mixture of Personal updates and technical updates.

Lately tho its become more technical and less personal as I have usually contained my personal updates to my Facebook Profile and my Instagram Account.

But I thought its okay to do a personal update every now and then and theres been some major milestones happening in the life of Mike Cann of late..

Mike The Australian

Well I cant remember if I ever actually blogged about this but 6 years ago I moved to Australia to be with my beautiful girlfriend Kelsie who lives here. Well a lot has happened in the intervening years and as of a few months ago I am now official Australian Citizen :)

Mike The Outdoors Enthusiast

I have fully embraced the Australian lifestyle and now make the most of every opportunity I can to get outside and do various activities.

My current passions are Kitesurfing, Freediving and Electric Skateboarding :)

Mike The Father (to be)

Last but not least in December we had some incredibly special news that I am to become a father for the first time.

Its a boy and its due in early June and I couldn't be more excited / apprehensive :)