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Artificial-Studios v3.0

3rd June 2006

Yup thats right a new version of Artificial-Studios... again!

This new shiney reincarnation is a blog powerd by the very fancy Wordpress!

The reason for this new version? Well lets just take a quick look at the previous reincarnations...

artstu1.jpg First there was Artificial Studios V1 (nointro) pretty as it was, done compleately in flash 6, it was increadibly hard to maintain with much effort for each new thing i wanted to add.


Then there was Artificial Studios V2 again, designed from scratch it was kinda pretty and it was certainly easyier to maintain than the first version, however it was still a nightmare to maintain.

So that leads us to this current version, which is extremely easy to maintain, perhaps its a ltitle less personal as the design is just a template by Fredrik Fahlstad but I think it still looks good!

Let me know which is your favourite!