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Campin Oz 2017 - Exmouth

20th April 2017

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After the beautiful but fly-infested Shark Bay I was so happy to get the Exmouth and experience some of the beautiful corals and beaches. Unfortunately however the swimming gods weren't on my side for the 4 days we were here as the entire coast was infested with stinging red jellyfish and deadly Irukandji jellyfish.

jellyfish in water

Because snorkeling was a no go I decided instead to book myself into a scuba diving trip, I havent done one since Columbia 3 years ago but I was told by several people that the Navy Pier dive was not to be missed in Exmouth.

Unfortunately the visibility was a little low while we were there which took a little bit out of the experience but still I enjoyed swimming with the incredibly varied wildlife.

starfish pole

white tip shark

We were also beset with electrical troubles in our trailer and thus were forced to spend a day with it in the garage with electrical specialists.

In the end I didnt do too much drone flying during our stay there. I did get some nice videos of Kelsie while she paddled down Yardie Creek but those will have to wait for a later edit.

yardie creek

Well thats it for now, next stop is Karrijini park and the beautiful gorge walks and lots of red dust, stay tuned!