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Camping Oz 2017- South Queensland

9th August 2017

After Townsville we continued to work our way down the east coast of Australia. The next stop for us was Airlie Beach where we took the opportunity to visit the work famous Whitsunday islands.

Unfortunately the whole area had been devastated by a cyclone less than 3 months ago which left a trail of destruction, made evident when you see the usually pristine Whitehaven beach:

Despite this we still had a good time and I even managed to do a spot of snorkelling in the (admittedly cold) coral waters:

Whilst at Airlie beach we had a little bit of an accident.

The whole back window of the canopy of our car shattered. We weren’t around when this happened but the witnesses to the event say it “just exploded”. My guess is that the continual rattling combined with heating and cooling weakened the window and when it finally gave the hydraulic levers punched through the glass shattering it. Either way, for the rest of the trip we now have a very fetching plastic sheet covering the back.

After a few days at Airlie we continued on down the coast stopping at Rockhampton and Bundaberg. Bundaberg was a surprisingly awesome place. In one day we did a tour of the famous rum distillery, the popular soft drink factory, had some excellent fish and chips and took some of the most spectacular drone pictures yet at Elliot Heads.

It really was a spectacular little place for drone photography and I feel incredibly lucky to have stumbled across it.

A few days later we found ourselfs on the Gold Cost where we caught up with some friends and took some pictures of the famous Surfers Paradise.

Then we were off again this time heading north to Brisbane where we caught up with some more friends for a few excellent action packed days.

Sadly though we had to move on to our last destination in South Queensland; Caloundra. Here we caught up with some of Kelsie’s relatives and took the opportunity to visit Steve Irwins famous Australia Zoo.

And then that was it for the east coast of Australia for us. Time to start heading back home. Not to worry though as we have a few stops left to make including the world famous Uluru rock near Alice Springs. Until next time… This post was copied from my site a site dedicated to my travel drone photography.