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Camping Oz 2017 - The South

15th September 2017

After our adventures in Central Australia we started heading south, first stopping off at the curiously peculiar Coober Pedy.

This town is made famous by the fact that its surroundings are littered with opal mines. Infact opal mining is just about the only reason you would want to live in this dry hot place.

It gets so hot in summer and water and power is so scarce that the residents often convert their old mines into homes, churches, hotels and anything else.

The owner of the campsite we were staying at showed us around the 12-bed b'n'b he was digging out of the hillside:

I really enjoyed my time there but I can understand why its not everyone's up of tea. They even have a "golf course":

Following on from Coober Pedy we headed south past the incredible fields of yellow canola

Until we reached the coastline and the small town of Fowlers Bay.

We werent expecting much from Fowlers Bay but ended up having an awesome time there.

Its a surprisingly beautiful place with stunning sand dunes and groups of whales just off the shore.

Evening were spent huddled around the campfire with the other guests drinking beer and sharing stories. Exactly what you want from a camping trip.

Unfortunately we had to move on after a few days and make our way to Esperance, first stopping off at the incredible Bunda Cliffs on the Nulabore Highway.

Then finally we arrived at the drone mecca that is Esperance. Why do I call it drone mecca, well just take a look at these:

Its hard not be be impressed by the raw beauty of this place and in my opinion its best viewed from above.

A few days in Esperance and it was sadly all over for our epic 5-month trip.

Its been an incredible experience of highs and lows and I hope that you have enjoyed following along.

Onto the next adventure!