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11th November 2008

Well today is my second day at my new job and as i havent mentioned my employment change on this blog yet i thought its about time to post about it.

One month ago i decided to leave Dubit and head back to manchester to join Barry and chums at GameJacket. My reasons for this abrupt change after such a short period at Dubit (4 months) are numerous. Mostly it has to do with what I wanted to achieve in the future and the type of projects i want to be a part of. At GameJacket im to be a flash swiss-army-knife of sorts so should keep me on my toes and constantly challenged. In addition to that I am to be working part time of my own volition so i can concentrate atleast part of my working week on developing my own games under the name Artificial Games.

Two days in and im thoroughly enjoying myself and im sure now i have made the right move. Anyways enough chat heres a pic of my new office: