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Github Project Uploads

12th August 2012

Its a lazy sunday so I have decided to do a few chores I have been meaning to do for a while. One of them has been to move some of my old projects over from Google Code over to Github and to begin uploading some of my older projects that are scattered through this blog directly to Github.

So I have first moved over Chrome Crawler ( my Chome Extension for spidering sites.

Also I moved Windows7 Taskbar Monitor ( a small C# application that provides stats-at-a-glance.

I then uploaded Portal2D XNA ( a c# based proof of concept game I made way back in university as part of a team project.

Finally I uploaded Audiobook Organiser ( a simple Adobe Air based tool for organising and tracking Audiobooks.

I have a great many other projects scattered about the place which I hope to upload as I can.