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Google Reader

16th January 2010

Well I guess im a little late to the party but I have recently discovered the joy that is Google Reader.

I never truly understood the purpose of RSS readers until I started to wonder how I could make my daily trawl of flash,  flex, tech  blogs faster and more efficient. It was then I re-discovered google reader (I had played with it before but didnt understand the purpose too much).

Needless to say it has pretty much transformed how I use the web. Now instead of opening 20+ tabs every day to check my favourite blogs I instead just add a subscription to the blog and then I am updated whenever there are new posts. Old concept I know but im amazed how I did without it until now.

There is one problem however. Im a little bit of a neat freak and I just cant stand seeing that there are unread items. This becomes an issue if you subscribe to a very busy site such as Gizmodo. If I leave it for a day or two without checking im liable to have 100 posts from that one site alone to read. As much as it pains me I have taken to reading about 10-20 from this site a day then clicking the "mark as read" button, just so that its nice and tidy :P