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Highlight Selected Plugin, updated by David Hancock

This sort of things brings a big smile to my face; I got an excellent email yesterday from a chap named Dave Hancock asking my permission to post an update he had made to my Highlight Selected plugin.

Its an excellent upgrade and brings some extra features that were lacking in my very basic version.

Copy / Paste of his update:

Liked the plugin so much I decided to add a few features! Posting here with Mike's permission.


Updates Added 4 plugin setting options:

Highlight Color (Choose a color for the highlight) Highlight Whole Words (Choose whether to highlight whole words only or include partial text) Match Case (Choose whether to match the case of the selection or not) Add Line Marker (Display a line marker next to highlighted text)

No longer highlights white-space characters


  • Open FlashDevelop, Click Tools -> Application Files
  • Copy the DLL to the "Plugins" directory
  • Restart FlashDevelop

DLL ... ection.dll

Source ...