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22nd March 2017
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Im very proud to announce my latest project, a website and print store that will highlight some of the best drone photography and videos that I have taken and am going to take in the future.

As mentioned in a previous post I recently invested in a DJI Mavic Pro for my up and coming 5-month camping trip around Australia. Well I knew that I wanted a place that I could showcase all of the awesome photos and videos that im going to take as we go around.

Currently the selection of photos in the Print Store is a little bit limited but I expect that to grow rapidly after we hit the road this Friday.

I am planning on mirroring the blog posts that I write on that site onto here.

The site was built using Shopify. I looked at quite a few shopping platforms and it was a toss up between WooCommerce (free Wordpress plugin) and Shopify. Shopify is fairly expensive $39 per month and WooCommerce would have been free because I already have a server that I host this blog and others on.

I decided to go with Shopify in the end because it was really fast, did everything that I needed and had a nice theme right out of the box. So I decided that in the interest of time I would just use that and perhaps later on when I have more time I an revisit it.

Anyways check it out let me know what you think!