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Introducing - Post To Google Photos

Lately we (Markd Ltd) have been working on a few different projects, today we are announcing another of those projects; Post To Google Photos.


The above is a demo of it in action, should give you an indication of what its all about.


Post To Google Photos is a Chrome Extension similar in concept to to Post To Tumblr. Once installed you can right click on any image (even content that technically isnt a HTML Image) and then immediately post it to a Google Photos album.


We noticed that there were a bunch of dissatisfied users with the current state of Google Photos uploading chrome extensions we thought we could quickly remedy that by producing a Chrome Extensions for it.


We dont currently have any monetization in the extension but there is already 1,500+ users of the extension so there is clearly a demand there. So once we have time we plan to go back and add a bunch more features, some paid and some free.

If you are interested in what we have planned you can checkout the community Trello board here where we have them detailed: