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Master Cleanse

27th August 2007

This is all I will be eating for the next 14 days! Well the ingredients of anyways. Its called the Master Cleanse and our tour leader in America Becca told me about it and it really intrigued me. It is basically a massive detox that should flush loads of stuff out of my system and set me on track for a healthier life.

Those that know me know that im not really a mega health fanatic, in fact usually quite the opposite. This is one of the reasons I want to try this. Another reason is that it will be a massive challenge for me not to drink any alcohol during this period. This i think will be the hardest part especially as I have my sisters "late" 21st party coming up on friday where I wont be able to touch a drop!

Basically it works by taking senna tea (green box in the photo) before I go to bed. Senna tea is a mega laxative and should flush the system. In the morning i have to drink warm salt water which also has a laxative effect. During the day i drink a drink that is a mixture of lemons, maple syrup and Cayenne pepper (hot!).

Its going to be tough, realy tough, but I think I can do it. I will be journaling day by day here, partly so that I dont give myself the option of backing out.

Going to drink the tea in a few hours then go to bed and see what happens, wish me luck!

Day -1

Okay, just took the senna tea for the first time. Not particularly great tasting i must admit, but not too bad either. I wonder if i can put abit of that maple syrup in it next time to make it taste better. Anyways, bed in abit, i hope this doesn't wake me up too early, i want to be able to at least get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow is going to be tough at work tho gulp

Day 1

Well thats almost the end of my first day. Impressions? Well apart from having dreams of going to the toilet then being rudely awoken by my angry bowel at 4:30 and 7:00 all went well. I have been abit hungry, but nothing too severe, tho I agree with others on the internet that say that your sense of smell increases.

Ive just mixed my third litre of lemon and maple (which isnt too bad by the way, never tried maple syrup before, and probably wont again after this, but still its okay) you are only meant to drink 2 litres of it per day but I thought I would ease myself into this a little rather than going hardcore instantly.

The worst part so far has to be the salt water, damn that stuff is gross. Im gonna try adding some maple syrup to it tomorrow and see what happens.

Well, its laxative tea time again in a couple of hours. Cant wait for that :P Lets hope tonight isnt quite as painful as it was last night.

Day 2

Well today we went clay pigeon shooting today with work. Realy good fun, tho I wasnt too good :P You can see a video of the action here.

The detox went okay today, tho I was definitely much more hungry than I was yesterday. I have however now decided that today is going to be the final day. I have decided this because after talking to lots of people I think that the benefits of this probably dont outweigh the negative sides to it. The hunger and the pain from the senna and the salt is my bodies way of telling me to eat and stop forcing laxatives into it, so I think its a good idea to listen to it now.

Im a little disappointed that I couldnt make it to 14 days but as Toni said "If you want it enough, you will do it", I guess I just didnt want it enough! Goodluck however to anyone else that tries this. Let me know either here or by email how you get on.